Sunday, August 25, 2013

Assorted Poses by Requests

These are a handful of poses that were requested for stories.  I hope that they are enjoyed. :)

Download includes:
ZhiAssortedRequests01 - Pose List Compatible Pkg; 
Pose by Name Map and Individual pkg files for PBN

Credits - 
Sleep Kiss poses - YangTheCat
Momma and Child poses - Valpre
Writing / Reading poses - Daijahvu
Pose Player is required

Sleep Kiss Poses - Floor Height & Bed Height

Child helping Momma with her hair - 2 poses
(either the child or the adult needs to be slid to place with an OMSP)

Reading or Writing 
(Use of book or laptop will need the Tipsy OMSP)

(Her leg looks a little wonky, but pic position eliminates that)

(I know the mouse looks silly, but I used a game laptop for the pic)

Upset - 3 Couple's Poses

Six Poses - upset and being comforted.  
Created for Lckygrl1975

Requires Pose Player
Credits - Lckygrl1975 for the request

Let me know of any issues, recommendations, improvements.
Thanks and enjoy :)

(guy)  a_zhi_upset_01
(girl)  a_zhi_upset_01b

(guy)  a_zhi_upset_02
(girl)  a_zhi_upset_02b

(guy)  a_zhi_upset_03
(girl)  a_zhi_upset_03b