Friday, September 28, 2012

Swim Lessons - 10 poses

Swim Lessons - 10 poses
Requested :)

The stages of teaching a hydrophobic boy to swim.

Pose list compatible pkg
Individual pkgs to choose a few
PBN list

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Anger - 10 Poses

Anger - Set of 10 interactive poses

Pose List Compatible pkg
Individual Pose files to choose a few
Pose by Name txt list

Let me know of any issues.
Enjoy, have fun.

(Inspired by Dimitri, of The Awakening)

a_zhi_anger_01 ....  a_zhi_anger_02   ....    a_zhi_anger_03    ....    a_zhi_anger_04    ....  a_zhi_anger_05 
 a_zhi_anger_06  ....  a_zhi_anger_07    ....    a_zhi_anger_08    ....    a_zhi_anger_09    a_zhi_anger_10

Monday, September 17, 2012

Tantrums - created with KDS (Kiddo's Dreams)

Twelve poses for unruly behaviour.
Children, toddlers and the adults who try to control them.

Created with KDS - Kiddo's Dreams - for a request she received.
(Thank you for the honour of participating with your project!)

Go see more great poses!

Full Set - Pose by Name -  Includes all poses and pictures.

Toddler Tantrums as a pose list compatible pkg with PBN list.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Swim Kiss - 8 poses

Swim Kiss - 8 poses

Positioned on ground level - pose on ground and move to pool. :)
Inspired by a request made by Addy - Woodrow Legacy 

Have fun :)  Let me know of any issues, ideas, thoughts, improvement.

Includes - 
Pose List Compatible pkg
Individual poses to choose a few
Pose By Name txt list
Thum pics 

a_zhi_adult_swim_kiss_01 (bottom)

(I realised I named the remaining poses differently, they were created some time apart, sorry.)




(Close-up of 07/08)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Bang Door - 6 Poses

Six pose set created for Lckygrl.

Arguing, banging, locked out, heartbroken.

Pose List Compatible pkg
Individual Poses, not list compatible
Txt document, pose by name key

Requires Cmomoney's Pose Player



a_zhi_bang_door_03 (man)
a_zhi_bang_door_04 (lady) 

a_zhi_bang_door_05 (man)
a_zhi_bang_door_06 (lady)  

Courtroom - 4 Poses

A courtroom set consisting of four poses for a scene.  
Special request from Daisies :)

Zip file includes:
Pose List Compatible Pkg
Individual Poses (not list compatible)
Pose By Name txt document

Judge - "You will go down for your heinous Crimes, you Criminal!"

 Police - 'and justice will be served'
Criminal - *gulp*
Attorney - 'I like green'

Judge - "No one wears dance shoes with a swimsuit in my town!"
Criminal - *!*
Police - *snicker*
Attorney - 'I like green'

Judge - "Off with his head!"
Criminal - *gulp*
Police - *grin*
Attorney - 'Oh look! A deer!'
Deer - *!* 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Adult - Anger Fight - 12 Poses

Created for Lckygrl1975 & Dutchysim.
Thanks so much for entrusting your stories to my little fingers. :)

12 poses of anger and frustration and showing who's the boss.  ^_^
Some poses should only be used by a Sim with incredible strength, or magic.

 pose list compatible pkg
txt pose by name key
individual poses to choose only some
thum pics  (no lisp)

Line Dancing - 13 poses

Line Dancing!  

13 poses created for Valpre for her story Krysis  (love this story!)

Several variations of each dance move for realism.

Let me know of any issues or concerns.  Have fun ^_^

Download includes pose list compatible pkg and pose by name txt key

Poses in action :)

Then my bland, ho-hum pics ^_^

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Father Daughter Set 1 - 10 poses

This is a 10 pose set I created for a father/child theme.

The first pose is a request from YangTheCat :)
Pose 04/04b inspired by a picture of a CoffeeHouse friend's son. ^_^

Varied poses - adult, child, toddler.
I hope you like them.

Zip file includes:

Pose list compatible pkg
Individual poses (not list compatible)
Pose by name list
Let me know of any issues, problems, recommendations... 



(The adult's arm will not line up to all sofa arm heights)


(Toddler's right arm looks a little odd, but I couldn't get it better. Sorry.)


(Best used with an armless chair.) 


(Blow on booboo.  ^_^  'cause daddies always know what to do.)