Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fox Trot - 14 Poses

Created by request for mypalsim1, thank you for the request!
See poses in action in Cutest 'lil Jazz Singer.  Awesome story :)

Download includes:
Pose List compatible pkg
Individual pkgs for each pose if you want only a few
Pose by Name text list

P.S.  Fox Trot poses used for family portrait. :)

6 Bowling Poses

Six bowling poses, as requested by Jazen. ^_^

Zip file includes:
 individual pose pkgs, 
pose list compatible pkg,
 and pose by name (PBN) key.

Hope you like them.
Let me know of any issues, improvements. :)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Toddler Drown Pose Set - 9 Poses

A special requested pose set.
(Don't hate me, they look good, and I really like the unusual ^_^)

Thank you for the request Valpre, they do look really awesome. :)

In pool pose use - (easier than I originally thought)

Pose Sim on the ground level.
Place a OMSP in the pool at the cellar level.
Move Sim to the OMSP.
Adjust OMSP height in the pool.

Zip file includes - 
Individual poses for pose selection; 
Pose-by-name text list;
Pose Player Pose List Compatible Pkg

Let me know of any issues... have fun, enjoy.


a_zhi_toddler_drown_01b (man on lounger)
a_zhi_toddler_drown_02 (toddler in water)
a_zhi_toddler_drown_02b (adult rescuing toddler) 

repeat of:
 a_zhi_toddler_drown_02 (toddler in water)
a_zhi_toddler_drown_02b (adult rescuing toddler) 

a_zhi_toddler_drown_03 (toddler)
a_zhi_toddler_drown_03b (adult) 

(The adult in the water is looking aside because I did not use the pose player add-on from Virtual Artisan)
a_zhi_toddler_drown_03c (adult reaching to take toddler) 

a_zhi_toddler_drown_04 (toddler)
a_zhi_toddler_drown_04b (adult) 

Friday, August 24, 2012

School / College Life - 10 poses

Ten school / college days poses by request. :)

Holding books, holding straps, sharing knowledge, frisky glances.

OMSP needed and the Tipsy OMSP highly recommended.
Use custom content books, or pull books from the book shelves ^_^
A backpack can be nabbed here.

Pose Player, list compatible.

Zip file (tickled) includes: text document key for pose by name, list compatible pkg
 and individual pose pkgs so only desired poses need be installed.  
Individual pose pkgs are not list compatible, sorry.

Some poses do need at least the regular OMSP to raise to proper height.
The models used are teens.  The sofa pose with the guy's arm up needs to be lifted.  
Recommend using a sofa with a low back for a teen pose.  The floor poses are set just below floor level, so can be raised to a sofa, to a bed, to a counter, car roof... etc.

Have fun, enjoy, tell me of any issues.
(I didn't fully test these on YA/Adult - should be fine)

Poses in use!  Courtesy of DJVu ^_^
From the upcoming story - The Animal

Now back to my boring pictures.  ^_^


The Song of Gaál - Pose Set 4

The Song of Gaál - Pose Set 4

Includes pose list compatible pkg, individual pose pkgs and text list for pose by name.
Have fun, enjoy, tell me of any issues.

Remember OMSP.
(18 poses) includes - 

a_zhi_child_03  (boy/left)
a_zhi_child_04  (girl/right)
(OMSP for good positioning and height changes)

(position is a bit off, use the OMSP- old creation)






a_zhi_child_point_at_cut_02  (girl posed)
a_zhi_child_react_to_cut_01  (boy posed) 

(toddler is not posed)




(only the blonde haired and red haired children are posed)

wow, that's a lot of poses!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

With Friends - 10 Poses

Ten poses of friends just hanging out.
Created for YangTheCat... 
if you have not read these stories, you don't know what you're missing... 

Includes individual pose pkgs and text list for pose by name mode 
and includes ZhiAdultWithFriendsPoses - list compatible pkg

Let me know of any issues, have fun with them.
(OMSP needed to get proper position/seat height)

((Pose #3 is the lounge pose - the pose that is included is being modeled by the teen in the blue striped shirt.
The original required a lounger without arms, so to make it usable by everyone, it was changed a little.))

Friday, August 10, 2012

Shoot & Rescue Poses

Rescue & Shoot poses - pictures from Krisis with permission from Valpre.
((Thank you!!! For both the pose idea and pictures of Krisis.  
You both make the poses look incredible.))

The gun poses use a gun object supported on Tipsy OMSPs.  
They do not work well with CloudwalkerNZ's gun accessory.  (Thanks for trying, Val.)

a_zhi_angry_shoot_01  (with gun)
a_zhi_angry_shoot_02 (on ground)

a_zhi_angry_shoot_03 (gun pose)

a_zhi_angry_shoot_05  (gun pose)

a_zhi_angry_shoot_05  (gun pose)
a_zhi_angry_shoot_04 (being shot)

Rescue Poses - 


a_zhi_rescue_toddler_01  (adult)
a_zhi_rescue_toddler_02  (toddler)

a_zhi_adult_rescue_01  (carrier)
a_zhi_adult_rescue_02  (be carried)

use with OMSP for toddler