Monday, September 2, 2013

Kitchen Conversation - 8 Poses

Because everybody gathers in the kitchen.

Eight poses for kitchen conversation.

I hope everyone enjoys!  :)

Pose Player required

OMSP and Tipsy OMSP suggested

Includes Pose List compatible pkg
Individual poses - not list compatible

Tipped chair pose requires Tipsy OMSP for the chair.
I experimented with stacking the Tipsy OMSPs until I got sort of what I was looking for
(I am still trying to learn object creation.)

Chair used is The Cozinator - game chair.  
I did not test the hands on the kneeling pose for any other chair.
The man was slid to place with an OMSP

All in use.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Plead, Disagree, Grasp - Assorted Poses

An assortment of poses.

Pose Player required
OMSP recommended (especially for position of the grasp poses.)

Includes Pose List compatible pkg
Individual pkg files

Enjoy ^_^



(standing)  a_zhi_plead_angry_01
(kneeling)  a_zhi_plead_01b

(standing)  a_zhi_plead_angry_02
(kneeling)  a_zhi_plead_02b

(bottom)  a_zhi_disagreement_01
(top)  a_zhi_disagreement_01b

Fightscene : 6 Poses

These are six poses for a fight scene.  Requested by Lckygrl.

Pose List compatible pkg
Individual pose pkg and PBN map.

Enjoy :)

OMSP may be needed
Pose Player is needed

(bottom)  a_zhi_fightscene_01
(top)  a_zhi_fightscene_01b

(chaser)  a_zhi_fightscene_02
(jumper)  a_zhi_fightscene_02b

(top)  a_zhi_fightscene_03
(bottom)  a_zhi_fightscene_03b