Friday, July 27, 2012

Adult Tender - 6 Couples' Poses

This has been in the works for a while, (March!) ... 
but I kept getting side tracked.

There are 12 poses total.  

OMSP may be needed for easier manipulation of position.

They are pose list compatible.  Pose by name list also included.

Please let me know if there are any issues at all.







Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Song of Gaál Pose Set - 3

The third set of poses from The Song of Gaál.  
(Except the first picture, which was a requested pose, but fit well with these.)

This includes the following ten poses, pose list compatible.

Child Water Rescue Pose Set

Child Drown Rescue set - 4 poses
Created by request.  I hope you like them.
(Let me know of any issues, concerns.. I would love to see pictures!)

Placement is a little tricky at first since they were created for underwater.  OMSP is necessary.  

Steps to use - sorry, I didn't quite know how to make it not seemingly complicated, but it really isn't hard, just different, to me anyway. 

Get the sims in the water.  Cancel water action and initiate pose.  In Buy/Build mode, raise OMSP 50cm twice or so, you want it elevated a bit.  With moveobjects on (of course ^_^), place sim on OMSP.  The sim will hang on the OMSP.  

Move the OMSP to the water and while still having it selected/held, go to cellar level.  The OMSP outline will show, but you may not see the OMSP or sim yet.  Place the OMSP with the sim and release it.  Go back up to ground level and see how the placement is. I was able to adjust the OMSP, and thus adjust the sim to fit with the other sim, from the ground level.

Child is pose 1, teen/adult is pose 2

Child is pose 3 and teen/adult is pose 4

Picture at cellar level, pardon the hat ^_^