Friday, June 15, 2012

The Song of Gaál - Pose Set 2

Set two of poses I created for my story.  Fifteen poses.
I hope you like them.  Have fun :) 

They are on a pose list - Song Of Gaal Pose Set 2 - list compatible


Individual for use as "pose by name", txt list included - 

For this pose I used the regular game animations for the toddler.  
I then OMSP'ed the toddler into the tub.  
I made sure the toddler was watching the child before pausing.

Depending on the muscle mass of the sim, or the clothes, 
the hand on the leg may seem to sink.

Both angry.

The hands look best with the square railing.  Other railing will need more manipulation to make
the hands look right as the rails are spaced differently.  OMSP to raise to proper stair height.

This is an example of the different rails.  I had to hide the left hand as it did not line up properly.

I love this pose, it has so many uses.  Who stole the cookies?  
Daddy wake up!  :) Daddy isn't posed, he was napping on the sofa.

A OMSP and a cookie type object are needed to round out the pose, if it's used for eating. 

Talk to the hand!  kidding.  
Toddlers like to hold their hands up to make people stay away. 
The other hand is clinging to a friend's wrist, in my use.

Yes, we should not do this to children and I do not condone the action.  I needed it for my story.

Again, we should not do this to children and I do not condone the action. 
 I needed it for my story.




  1. Your poses are just beautifully done!
    The toddler expressions are so amazing.

    1. Thank you :) I am very happy you like them :)

  2. Zhippidy are you using blender or milkshape? Your poses are awesome.

    1. Thank you so much. I use Blender; I find it much (much) easier than MS. And the new tools are just awesome for it.

  3. Thank you so much for releasing these. There are very few content available for children & toddlers, and it's super awesome that you're making 'em :]

    1. You are very welcome. I would love to see pictures if you use any :)
      Thanks so much :)

  4. Hey Zhippidy, I just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I love your poses. Poses involving children and toddlers and especially dramatic ones are really hard to come by, so I'm often frustrated when telling my own stories. You clearly know how to use your poses too - your screenshots are very cinematic, beautifully telling the story. I'll admit it's a tad too dark for me, but I've been suckered in nonetheless.

    I've tried using Blender myself but my computer always goes into a major strop and won't run it, so I was wondering if I might humbly request some poses from you, if you have the time. In one of my stories, a teen character saves her little cousin from drowning. I've been able to get the action above the water using other poses and animations, but I'm stumped when it comes to things happening UNDERwater. I was wondering if you could make a few poses where the teen/adult character swims down, grabs the child and then carries them to shore. Might that be possible? I also love the pose of the adult carrying Cassava soon after he's injured. Could you make that one available too? I realise you're very busy with your own story, but I'd be ever so grateful.

    Thanks once again!

    1. Thank you and thank you, for liking the story and the poses.
      I will send items to you. I really wasn't awake when I uploaded the others - way off. I sent the actual working file and not the pkg file - sorry for that. Just delete the ones from mediafire, I will fix it.

  5. A ton of really priceless poses here--these are fabulous! Thanks again! (MurfeeL)

    1. I am very glad you like them :)
      Thanks so much, and you are very welcome. Have fun!